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VIVA Modern ultralight airplane

VIVA is a sports ultralight two-seat motorized plane. Its conception can be best described by a phrase „motorized glider“. The aim of Composit Airplanes company, which created this airplane with a financial contribution from regional funds of the Phare 2003 project, was to join advantages of soaring machine flying with a good performance in the motorized cruising flight.

Main advantages

  • long flying range without engine
  • fast motorized sprint
  • easy operating both on the ground and in the air
  • confortable two-seat cockpit
  • heavy duty four-stroke engine
  • controllable degression
  • low average fuel consumption

VIVA can successfully compete with the „adult“ gliders during the long-distance flights. In the case of short-time sprint the speed of this glider can be compared with the level of modern ultralights constructed just for the motorized flying.

In term of aerodynamics VIVA moves very closely towards the one-seat airplane APIS 2, which is produced by Composit Airplanes for German company Wezel-Flugzeugtechnik for years already. Its owner Mr. Martin Wezel participated on the development of VIVA airplane as a constructor.

Fourfold trapezoidal wings made of carbon fibre were for VIVA reinforced in strenght and prolonged for about 70 centimetres on both sides. Prolonged construction of a T-shaped rudder goes also from APIS airplane.

VIVA goes its own way in the construction of the fuselage. Central box girder made of carbon fibre accepts the carrying function. The fuselage shell is made of carbon fibre sandwich. The cockpit offers enough space for feet, the pedals can be adjusted during the flight.

Not just the seat position reminds of a glider, but there is a lot of other details such as fully automatic rudder connections or the aerodynamic brakes control on the suction side of the wing.

Owing to the wide cockpit the accession into the airplane is much more easier than at the glider. With the help of retractable central wheel and stearable tail skid the airplane can be easily steered on the grass surface. During taking-off VIVA behaves like a glider in tow. Glider pilots will feel themselves at home immediately but the change is not difficult even for ultralight pilots.

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